S Diary - Movie

On a dreary day Jini (Kim Sun-a) gets laid off by her boyfriend with the final note that he was only interested in making love to her but not in a lasting relationship. This triggers the girl’s curiosity about whether her past three lovers were also only after her favors. As a result Jini checks back on her previous boyfriends including Ku-hyeon (Lee hyun-woo), an advocate of strong religious beliefs, macho college lover Jeong-seok (Kim Su-ro) and inexperienced Yoo-in (Gong Yoo) who makes a living as wandering artist. Will Jini’s emotional journey be rewarded with sincere answers from her old admirers ? Find out as S-Diary unveils its top secret material.

A Moment To Remember - Final

Love Phobia - Movie

One sunny day, a young boy named Jo Kang meets a curious young girl, dressed in a bright yellow raincoat. Jo Kang instantly becomes friends with Ari, and falls instantly in love with the beautiful but rather strange young girl - only for her to one day disappear! The story jumps to ten years later, and Jo Kang is now in high school. One day, completely out of the blue, Ari contacts him and asks to meet again. Although they have not seen each other in a decade, they have a wonderful time together, and the love between them begins to grow once more. But then, Ari disappears once more, leaving Jo Kang devastated. Can Jo Kang track down his true love? Will he ever discover why Ari keeps disappearing? Will he be able to do anything about it?

What Planet Are You From

Sueng Hui is a director who was deeply in love with Hae Soo. Even though her family was opposed to Sueng Hui, Hae Soo still wanted to marry Sueng Hui. As he is proposing marriage to her in the car, they end up getting into a car accident resulting in Hae Soo's death. The drama takes place 3 years after Hae Soo has passed away. Even after three years, Seung Hui's cannot seem to forget Hae Soo nor put his life back into order. Determined to forget Hae Soo, Sueng Hui takes a trip into the the rural areas of Korea. There, after declaring that he is going to move on with his life and forget about his girlfriend, he goes into town where he sees a girl that looks just like his past girlfriend. The resemblence is so startling that he can't help but stare at her and ends up following her. They eventually end up spending a few days together but after parting, end up meeting again when Bok Shil comes to Seoul and ends up working with Sueng Hui.

My Tutor Friend II

Japanese-Korean girl Junko (Lee Cheong Ah) travels to Seoul as an exchange student in hopes of seeing a Korean student whom she had fallen in love with in Japan. When she arrives at her new university, she finds out that her love-to-be is in the army. On top of that, the guesthouse she's staying at is full of rowdy young guys, including the owner's grating son Jong Man (Park Ki Woong) who also happens to be her Korean tutor. This disagreeable tutor, however, is a lot more interested in teaching her inappropriate words than conjugation. The two initially spend all their time fuming and feuding, but Junko slowly discovers there's more to Jong Man under his insensitive exterior.

Night After Night

Night after Night revolves arounda a single woman in her late thirties and an art scholar with a roving eye for young girls who try to recover national treasures. One is a professional tomb raiders who can tell apart a Goryeo celadon from a white celadon by just smelling the dirt surrounding them, and the other is a detective who can tell what kind of criminals they're dealing with by just surveying the remains of the a looted tomb....Watch as they become involved in cases surrounding cultural heritages and the ups and downs of their lives unfold in this drama with exciting episodes.

Madeleine - Movie

Kang Ji-suk is an avid student of Korean and Korean Literature who regards his books as best friends and mostly stays either at home or in the library. One day he stumbles into his old class mate Lee Hee-jin whom he has not seen for ages. The charming Hee-jin has turned into young woman of captivating beauty and also already managed to make her life-time wish of becoming a hair stylist come true. After crossing roads one more time, Hee-jin has a startling idea suggesting that the two of them should try and find out what the life of a couple is like for the period of one month. As a result Ji-suk and Hee-jin enjoy a wonderfully sweet time looking just like two real lovers …

La Dolce Vita

A critically acclaimed, thought-provoking tale about the consequences of life and love. Lee Jun-su (Lee Dong-wook) is dead. The question is: Was it suicide? The story takes the viewers back six months to start at the "beginning" of this story, when Jun-su meets Yun Hye-jin (Oh Yeon-su) in the snow-covered countryside of Japan. His dark secrets suddenly seem almost inconsequential in this foreign, purely white land, and he and Hye-jin slowly fall for one another. Hye-jin is traveling by herself, taking time apart from her successful husband Ha Dong-won (Jeong Bo-seok). Part of the reason is that he's cheating on her with a beautiful young woman Hong Da-ae (Park Shi-yeon), but just as big a reason is that her life is nothing worth living for. Da-ae, on the other hand, rather likes her life since she has no money problems with Dong Won around, but things change when she meets the elusive Jun-su and falls for him hard.

New Heart

There are many dramas that revolve around doctors and the hospital, but “New Heart” focuses in particular on the lives of chest surgeons, a practically dying breed of surgeons in Korea due to its high-risk factor and low cost for the amount of time spent in surgery. Choi Kang-guk (Jo Jae-hyeon) is a brilliant chest surgeon, but he has self-confined himself in the countryside. But due to his brilliance, he is persuaded to come back to the city to head the team of chest surgeons. Two fledgling doctors enter into his care: Nam Hye-seok (Kim Min-jung), the top of her class, and Lee Eun-sung (Ji Sung), the clueless one who just wants to be a doctor. Through tears and laughter, they learn about love, saving the lives of patients, and what it truly means to have a new heart.

Auction House

New York has Sotheby’s, London has Christie’s and Seoul has Will Auction! This is the battleground where everything has a pricetag, especially art and history, and the richest members of society flaunt their money and exercise their influence. Cha Yeon-su (Yun So-yi) is the optimistic, spunky main character who stumbles upon a job opening at the Will Auction House by accident. She decides to become an official auctioneer, influenced by the poised and skilled Min Seo-rin (Kim Hye-ri). Handed one seemingly impossible task after the other, she must overcome them in order to become the specialist that she dreams of. Fortunately for her, the cynical and eccentric Oh Yun-jae (Jeong Chan), an ex-auctioneer who retired because of an art forgery incident, decides to lend her a helping hand. Now if only she could keep secret the fact that her father is an art forger